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There are many different healing modalities to choose from. Regardless of how they work, the aim of all healing modalities—stated or otherwise—is clearing our unconscious. That’s because all our core issues a rooted in the deep fog of the unconscious.

What is the unconscious?

In Debugging the Universe, Laura Knight-Jadczyk describes the unconscious as “the realm from where our world manifests, in which are found unfathomable depths of the rejected, the unacknowledged, the unrecognised, the unknown and undeveloped elements of our existence.”

If that doesn’t whet your appetite for blundering amongst those fog-shrouded trees, tripping over snagging roots and landing face-first in leaf mould, nothing will.

Carl Jung stated that “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

The purpose of all healing modalities is clearing our unconscious because only through doing that do we gain conscious control of our lives.

The difference between my work and other teachers, healers, and modalities is that I don’t provide a modality per se. I do provide a how. But I’m more focused on the big picture of the “realm” of the unconscious. The what, the where, the when, and the why.

Clearing the Unconscious

To help you navigate this foggy underworld I’ve created a structured series of courses. There are 8 mini-courses in the Clearing the Unconscious pathway. Two of them are even free!

  1. The Unconscious—humanity’s last great unexplored frontier. An introduction to knowing this seemingly unknowable part of you. [FREE]
  2. Releasing Unconscious Shame—how to access your unconscious and release trauma. Shame is the wall between our conscious and unconscious minds. Like the unconscious itself, this shame is unconscious. Lift the shame and the fog will lift.
  3. Releasing Sexual Shame—intermediate level. A short course specifically on the deepest, darkest, part of the forest—our sexuality. Enter at your own risk.
  4. The Patriarchal Operating System—welcome to the REAL matrix. An overview of the main psychological components of humanity’s broken and unsustainable paradigm.
  5. Healing the “Shambles”—how to unite head, heart, and genitals. An overview of the process of reuniting our three centres—the rational head with the irrational heart and genitals.
  6. “The World is Traumatized”—understanding the 5 layers of trauma. Philonise Floyd’s statement during the trial for the murder of his brother George is true. Our global trauma can be roughly categorized into 5 layers. [FREE]
  7. Ancestral Toxic Masculinity—how to heal toxic male behaviour. A deep dive into the gutter of wounded male programming, looking at its origins and modern manifestations.
  8. The Mother Wound—how to heal humanity’s single point of failure. The inception point of humanity’s catastrophic descent into the Patriarchal Operating System, and the endpoint of all unconscious clearing

A framework for healing

The Clearing the Unconscious series provides a structured framework for our healing journey. Within its courses you will encounter all the dragons found on the whitespace of the map of your unconscious.

You may find enough how within these courses that you don’t need to look at other modalities. More likely, you’ll use these courses in conjunction with other modalities you know, love, and trust, as well as other modalities you’ll be drawn to along the way.

I fully encourage you to use other modalities—whatever you feel drawn to and produces genuine results. My courses provide an underlay, a framework within which to make your journey.

Wherever you start and whatever route you take, your aim is to get down to the mother wound. It’s the single point of failure at the heart of us all.

To get started, please visit the Courses page.

Photo by Michael H Hallett

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