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The Unconscious – humanity’s last great unexplored frontier

The Unconscious online course

Humanity’s last great unexplored frontier

What is the unconscious?

This mini course is an introduction to the unconscious, a concept that—since its emergence in modern form a couple of centuries ago—has been largely swept under the carpet and ignored.

Yet psychiatrist Carl Jung fully understood the latent power of this slumbering giant, the elephant in the room of all our lives.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it fate.”

Carl Jung

This course is aimed at people who are dealing with trauma, addictions, anxiety and similar issues. Whether you are struggling with these issues personally, or supporting someone else, this course provides practical insights into the mechanics of the unconscious. It provides both knowledge and tools for understanding and navigating our troubled inner world:

  • Overview of the unconscious
  • Multiple layers of trauma
  • Objective and subjective truth
  • Hemispheric dominance
  • Triggered behaviour
  • Key principles and processes
  • Learn tools and techniques

This is a foundational course for other courses on this site dealing with topics such as shame, generational and ancestral trauma, and the mother wound, humanity’s single point of failure.

“Your conscious action is only a drop on the surface of a sea of unconscious processes, of which you can know nothing—about which, indeed, you are afraid to know.”

Wilhelm Reich

The unconscious is the unwanted, bastard child of broken humanity. Yet, as one by one we start to piece ourselves together, there’s a growing awareness that it’s where the action is happening. This is truly humanity’s last great unexplored frontier.

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