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Michael H Hallett

Bringing the unconscious to light

Welcome to my site.

Here you’ll find courses and blogs for penetrating the last great whitespace in the human condition—the unconscious.

It’s home to all our fears, phobias, fetishes, traumas, and addictions. Yet it cannot be accessed with the conscious mind.

While we try to consciously deal with trauma we’re stuck at EFFECT, buffeted in whatever way our traumas manifest, on the treadmill of symptom management.

It’s like being at one end of a seesaw where someone heavier is jumping up and down on the other end. You’re at EFFECT. They’re at CAUSE—and there’s nothing you can do.

Michael H Hallett - from Effect to Cause

The key to resolving traumas and addictions is homeostasis—the state of steady internal conditions maintained by living systems.

Only by deliberately interrupting the homeostasis that keeps us locked in our current psychic configuration can we release trauma and achieve root cause resolution.

Are you ready to move from EFFECT to CAUSE in your life?

You’ve come to the right place.

Michael H Hallett


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What a brilliant talk

“What a brilliant talk you gave us yesterday evening… Family history is so much more than the events – it’s also the feelings.”

— Lesley Plant, Chair, Midland Ancestors Kenilworth Group

A first-class account

“The account of flight development was greatly enhanced by it being very personal to the speaker… it was also a deeply touching insight into how events negatively impacted Michael’s family.”

— Peter Middleton, Programme Manager, Midland Ancestors Birmingham Group


[Heroes & Ghosts is] “a poignant, aviation-based, family history story relayed with clarity and humour.”

— Jenny Towey, Chair, Weston-super-Mare & District FHS