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Principles, processes and tools to heal generational trauma, shame and other unconscious issues

Our unconscious is home to our deepest impulses, fears, phobias and traumas. What’s down there? By definition, we cannot know. Issues like inherited trauma, anxiety, and addictions originate in our unconscious, buried beneath a layer of shame. The unconscious is the only place these deep issues can truly be healed.

If you’re ready for that journey, you’ve come to the right place.


Generational trauma

Unprocessed trauma, shame, pain, and fear passed from one generation to another through epigenetic inheritance.

Unconscious shame

Humanity’s dirty great rotten secret. The gateway to the unconscious and to root cause resolution of trauma, addictions, and anxiety.

Porn addiction

Our unconscious communicates using the most intelligent language at its disposal. Porn precisely reveals feminine/masculine imbalances.


Generational Trauma
26 Lectures
Porn Addiction
11 Lectures



This week I read the Mother Wound booklet. WOW! It was amazing. I’ve read some really interesting things about the patriarchy and the feminine. Your booklet cuts straight to the core and is POTENT!

— Jacqueline, South Africa

“A really insightful course”

A really insightful course… This course has given me renewed vigour to further explore my family tree, but from a completely different perspective.

— DW, Bristol, UK

“A deep dive into family history”

This course is a deep dive into family stories and history. Like a jigsaw puzzle, it addresses areas in your psyche where trapped emotions are causing behaviours and pain in life today, allowing you to clear out the old and allow the new to come in. Michael’s generational trauma course is a hit with me.

— DG, Milton Keynes, UK

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The steps appear when you commit to change
The steps appear when you commit to change

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The unconscious – realm of subjective truth
The unconscious – realm of subjective truth

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