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Sex is the most maligned aspect of human existence. It’s also the most necessary—we wouldn’t be here without it. The notion that sex is a divine aspect of our being—and thus subject to divine (i.e., energetic) laws remains a largely ignored, shamed, denied, or despised truth. Yet truth it is.

This post is adapted with gratitude from 7 Divine Truths About the Energy of Money by Jennifer Longmore.

I’ve retained her ‘divine’ terminology. What I mean by that is mechanical, non-negotiable energetic laws of nature—the same laws I describe across this site. The way things work whether we like it or not.

Here are seven divine truths about the energy of sex.


It’s never about the sex. As long as you keep buying into this illusion you will continue to have sex pain. Why? Because illusion is at the root of all our pain, regardless of the symptoms.

Coaching question: Let’s pretend it’s not about the sex, what might it really be about?


Sex comes from Source. It does not come from your significant other, your friends with benefits, your one-night-stands, porn or any other source. It may come through them but it doesn’t come from them.

Coaching question: How would living this truth change your relationship with sex in this moment?


Since sex comes from Source, and you come from Source, you share the same vibrational lineage thus you have more in common with the vibration of sex than you allow yourself to recognise on a conscious level.

Coaching question: What would happen if you focused your attention on matching the vibrational frequency of the sex that you wish to call in?


Having sex does not make you more or less spiritual. Sex is neutral energy that only becomes what you project onto it.

Coaching question: How would this knowingness shift your relationship with sex, and your perspective on sexuality?


Not having sex does not make you more spiritual or more noble. Martyrdom is not vibrationally attractive to the higher frequencies that we wish to call in as it is rooted in the energy of victimhood.

Coaching question: If you chose to allow sex in from a place of empowerment and conscious co-creation, what would shift for you?


You are in relationship with all things, including sex. The quality of that relationship is determined by how you choose to show up with it.

Coaching question: If sex were a person, how would you describe your relationship with that person right now?


Based on the premise that sex is one of many relationships that we have, how you do sex is how you do everything.

This relationship is just like any other—it can be frustrating and unfulfilling, or it can be joyous and rewarding. It all comes down to your approach and your mind-set. Yes, you can decide what your relationship with sex is like! When you shift into an attitude of gratitude, appropriate and fulfilling sex unfolds.

Coaching question: If how you do sex is how you do everything, what does how you do everything tell you about how you do sex?

Photo by Alejandra Quiroz on Unsplash

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