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The Mother Wound online course

At the heart of all wounds lies a failure of nurturing

If you’re reading this, you may have glimpsed it.

Beneath the vast array of illnesses, traumas, and dysfunctions that afflict you, your family, and the whole of humanity, lies a single overarching cause. The ultimate source of the misery of the human condition. Humanity’s single point of failure.

You’re right. It does exist—The Mother Wound.

If you want to know just how pervasive it is, I encourage you to read this blog post.

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What is the mother wound?

At its core, it’s a lack of real emotional nurturing that ensures the proper development of children, adults, communities, and care for the planet.

Caused by climate change, it led to global patriarchy with its all-consuming passion for acquisition, possession, hoarding, consumption, and short-term problem-solving.

The Mother Wound has been normalised into invisibility by its vastness.

“WOW! Amazing… Cuts straight to the core and is POTENT!”

— Jacqueline, South Africa

What this course teaches you

  • The 6 core fragments of the mother wound.
  • Its scientifically proven origins in climate change.
  • The mother wound created patriarchy, not the other way round.
  • How it creates a world based on external values/validation.
  • How to unpick trauma to drill down to its core.

I wish I could tell you that this course will magically heal your mother wound. It won’t. That only occurs with a lot of arduous clearing work that only you can do.

It provides an understanding of the root cause of the human condition and a framework for unifying all healing work, as all healing leads to The Mother Wound. This course can be used in conjunction with any healing modalities you already use.

Ready for the challenge?

This course isn’t easy. It will challenge your conceptions and show you the daunting scale of the problem you, your family, and humanity faces.

Yet problems can only be successfully resolved when properly understood. Are you ready to stare into the darkness of the human condition and discover what lies at its root?

Sign up now for this unique course and break through to a new level of understanding.


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The Mother Wound