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Healing Toxic Masculinity online course

This is not the road less travelled, it’s the gutter less travelled

Ancestral toxic masculinity

We live in a society that, historically, has been emotionally and sexually violent. That violence has shaped male behaviour for the past several thousand years. This is the wellspring of ancestral toxic masculinity.

As recently as World War II—my father’s generation—men were unquestioningly expected to fight and kill. That male capacity for violence—and the sexual violence that always accompanies it—has been stamped into male DNA since the dawn of patriarchy.

As men working on self-improvement, personal development, spiritual awakening, becoming emotionally available—call it what you will, we like to think that we’re beyond these toxic behaviours. And, as we make progress in clearing emotional and sexual wounds, discovering the truth about ourselves, we like to think we’re moving ever further away from them.

In fact, we’re moving in the opposite direction—towards them.

This course covers:

  • Where and how ancestral toxic masculinity originated
  • The 3 laws of patriarchy—how they create misogyny, racism, homophobia and other toxic emotions
  • The 7 core ancestral traumas—the wounds we all carry with us from the emergence of patriarchy
  • A deep-dive into the victim/victimizer dynamic at the bleeding heart of all our interactions
  • Using porn to deconstruct our ancestral traumas

Emotional sludge

This course delves into the toxic emotional sludge that, as men, we have carried within us for thousands of years.

That ocean of rage and frustration at your unmet needs and wants that lurks just beneath the surface, waiting to erupt.

That bitter inner voice that has something insulting to say about everyone, including those you love the most.

That desperate attempt to convince yourself you only want emotionally meaningful sex—when sometimes you just long to exhaust yourself with senseless sex.

That longing for a sudden, unexpected, raw, climactic sexual encounter with a complete stranger.

That nagging interest in bondage porn. It’s not random. Part of you wants to do that—or have it done to you.

What if, behind all that rage, all that frustration, that longing to annihilate yourself in sex, lurked a deep longing for nurturing you never received? That’s the glimmer of gold at the bottom of the well of ancestral toxic masculinity.

But to grasp it we must clear out the sludge…

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