This site is devoted to exposing and healing the layer of invisible, unconscious shame that entirely overlays our society. This shame centres on our emotions and our sexuality. It has its origins in our patriarchal past and has a huge bearing on our emotional and sexual behaviour.

Whenever we encounter something that we can’t or won’t talk about, or behaviour that we can’t control, we encounter shame. It is the hidden driver behind a range of shame-based issues:

In addition, unconscious shame underlies conditions such as stress, anxiety, fear of failure and confidence issues such as fear of public speaking. These conditions are so widespread as to be considered normal. In my experience they are not normal, they are normalised.

Freedom from shame begins with realising its presence and understanding its mechanics. Shame can be reduced and removed by increasing our emotional intelligence using the emotional toolkits on this site.

During 2019 I will be offering a variety of resources to uncover the profound implications of patriarchy, overcome the effects of shame and in particular to help men with the endemic sexual dysfunction that is the unavoidable effect of patriarchal emotional mechanics. Click below for blogs on various topics.



Men’s health

“Michael is obviously a deep thinker and this combined with his rollicking writing style makes for an easy and entertaining read without losing the wonderful depth of meaning he offers us.”

Joan Morgan McCarthy, author of Peace and Harmony: Reenvisioning Sexuality Education

“I would like to thank you for your 7 Ascension truths article. It is, without doubt, one of the best written, explanatory articles on the evolutionary process known as Ascension, humans (well, all life) are experiencing, I have yet to read.” — Patricia

“Michael offers the partners of pornography-users a looking glass, window of opportunity to address their own sexual fears by encouraging conscious and open dialogue — to look at their own sexual wounds and encourage a new and healthier relationship.”

Cherie Roe Dirksen, The Art of Empowerment

“Absolutely love the Ascension Toolkit of yours” — Tammi