Mother Wound Toolkit

A framework for healing the mother wound at the heart of mankind and each of us

During the 1991 Gulf War, Iraqi leader Saddan Hussein memorably used the phrase, “The mother of all battles”. The ‘mother of all…’ construct has since been used in many ways.

Our society doesn’t have an accepted sense of some kind of mother wound that we all suffer from, individually or collectively. The reason is simple: it’s so painful that we’ve buried it under enough emotional concrete that we’re no longer aware of it. Through unawareness we avoid the responsibility for healing it.

Yet, if we embark upon a journey to wholeness, we eventually chip our way through that emotional concrete and encounter it. This core wound dates back to the dawn of patriarchy and accounts for our separation from nature, from each other and, ultimately, from ourselves.

“This week I read the Mother Wound booklet. WOW! It was amazing. I’ve read some really interesting things about the patriarchy and the feminine. Your booklet cuts straight to the core and is POTENT!”

Jacqueline, South Africa

Mother Wound Toolkit

We each have core wounds to the extent we’ve been impacted by ancestral, generational, and current-life traumas.

When it comes to emotional wounds, the mother wound is “the mother of all wounds.” It accounts for our disconnection from our selves and from the planet—which in turn accounts for the state of the environment.

The Mother Wound Toolkit provides a structured framework for healing the deepest schism in our being.

This toolkit contains the information you need for the transformation you seek:

  • PDF (31 pages)
  • Workbook (7-page Word document)

Price: £6.85