A stage-by-stage guide for the journey to male sexual wholeness

In The Heart of the Soul, American spiritual teacher Gary Zukav writes that, “The longest journey that you will make in your life is from your head to your heart.” It’s a popular axiom in mindfulness and self-development circles.

I beg to differ. There is another journey—harder, darker, longer.

Journey from the Genitals to the Heart

In The Politics of Experience psychologist R.D. Laing writes, “When our personal worlds are rediscovered… we discover first a shambles… genitals dissociated from heart; heart severed from head; heads dissociated from genitals.”

The journey that Gary Zukav speaks of, from the head to the heart, is the journey to emotional wellbeing. Virtually no one speaks of the second journey—to sexual wellbeing. That is the journey we must make to heal the “shambles” inside each and every one of us.

Since the advent of patriarchy six millennia ago, humanity has systematically repressed, denied, denigrated, ignored, persecuted and shamed sex. As a result, a thick layer of emotional concrete encases our psychosexual programming as we have sought to protect ourselves from being punished for our innate sexuality.

“Man is the only biological species which has destroyed its own natural sex function, and that is what ails him.”

— Wilhelm Reich

To borrow R.D. Laing’s word, our sexuality is a “shambles.” While the journey from the head to the heart is recognised and encouraged as vital development, that from the genitals to the heart is a descent into a valley of shame.

Every step of this journey means confronting two overwhelming obstacles—society’s on-going resistance to healthy, heart-centric sexual expression; and the fact that we’re going against 6,000 years of human conditioning which has taught that sexuality should be repressed to fit accepted social norms.

Feminine-centric paradigm

The journey from the genitals to the heart goes from a masculine- to a feminine-centric paradigm, from a narrow focus on penetrative sex towards embracing sexuality in its widest sense.

This ultimately converges with the journey from the head to the heart to create an integrated human being with both intellect and genitals in service to the heart.

Keegan Houser

The Journey from the Genitals to the Heart provides a structured framework for reaching sexual wholeness.

This toolkit contains a 41-page PDF with the information you need for the transformation you seek.

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Johnny Uruchima