A step-by-step toolkit for understanding, identifying and releasing generational trauma

Abandonment. Adultery. Divorce. Sex scandals. Unexpressed grief. Powerful emotions and traumatic shocks handed down through generational trauma.

Many families have skeletons in their closet. What few realise is that, unless old traumas are fully healed, they’re passed down from one generation to another through epigenetic inheritance.

Does generational trauma affect you or your family today?

Many of our parents and grandparents experienced traumatic life situations they couldn’t cope with at the time they happened. We experience these traumas as a form of PTSD—as if we had experienced the original trauma.

Yet because we weren’t even alive, it’s difficult to pinpoint the origin.

We feel heavy, stuck, brittle, depressed, anxious, unable to cope—and we have no idea why. Living with generational trauma is like living with ghosts. Like living in emotional concrete.

This journey requires a theoretical understanding of unconscious shame, its extent (personal and planetary), origins and mechanics, and practical steps to communicate with our unconscious in order to release our shame.

Man’s task is to become conscious of that which presses upwards from the unconscious.”

Carl Jung

Generational Trauma Toolkit

Are you drawn to genealogy? All that research may be an unconscious pull to not just open the family skeleton closet, but to heal the buried trauma.

The Generational Trauma Toolkit provides a structured framework for undoing emotional and sexual repression. This toolkit helps you:

  • Understand what generational trauma is
  • Recognise the impact of generational trauma
  • Understand the challenges of uncovering your family’s past
  • Identify potential sources of trauma in your family
  • Relate current issues to buried past ones
  • Safely handle trauma as it surfaces

Healing generational trauma brings you into closer connection with your family—both past and present—as you come to accept that, no matter what happened, everyone did the best they could.

This toolkit contains the information you need for the transformation you seek:

  • PDF (35 pages)
  • Workbook (Word, 12 pages)

Price: £6.85