Exploring the Unconscious wide

Exploring the Unconscious is a FREE 30-minute live session where you discover what your unconscious contains and how it got there.

The human unconscious contains everything about ourselves that we’ve rejected as shameful, illicit, morally repugnant or socially dangerous.

It is the repository of our deepest fears, phobias and unresolved trauma.

Understanding how psychic wounds accumulate in the unconscious, and the key barrier to healing them, provides a framework for root cause resolution of core issues.

“Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will rule our lives and we will call it fate.”

— Carl Jung

Our unconscious is the one and only source of genuine, holistic long-term wellbeing.

This free 30-minute group Zoom session is the best introduction to my work. It takes you to the gates of your unconscious and shows you the key. Only you can unlock it.

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