Evolution has been solving problems for billions of years. Here’s how: the Evolutionary Problem Solver.

Inspired by Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection, philosopher Herbert Spencer coined the phrase “The survival of the fittest” in 1864.

That describes the outcome, not the process.


Imagine if the first single-celled organisms, like bacteria, hadn’t evolved. What if they had just fed and reproduced endlessly? Evolution would’ve stopped right there.

That same urge to evolve that has taken us from bacteria to human beings is alive and kicking inside each and every one of us.

I’d like to say that you don’t have to be physicist Albert Einstein to identify this process, but it turns out you do. Einstein identified the specific formula—embedded in all life—that ensures evolution never reaches a dead end:

“Problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them.”

Albert Einstein

Einstein’s insight forms the basis of a framework for understanding problems not as annoying roadblocks but as crucial elements of our lives—in fact, the very reason we’re alive.

Evolutionary Problem Solver

The Evolutionary Problem Solver provides this framework as well as a simple 3-step process to apply to all problem-solving.

Every single one of us is a living, breathing component of evolution—with our own unique problems to solve. The problems in your life are evolution’s way of testing whether your DNA is worth persevering with.

Are you stuck?

Let go. Make the leap to the next level.

Mario Azzi

Harness the power of the Evolutionary Problem Solver process to shift blocks and solve problems in your life.

This toolkit contains a 14-page PDF with the information you need for the transformation you seek.

Price: £10.00

Luca Baggio

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