This primary school musical explores discrimination, alienation and radicalisation in a non-religious context.

As well as the materials for staging the musical, the resource pack includes additional activities that help schools “explore sensitive or controversial issues” and “promote community cohesion” (2015 UK Counter-Terrorism and Security Act).

When Chemistry goes Bang! tells the story of a very bright student who becomes alienated from their class in the run-up to a challenging science test and decides to make a ‘bang’. The musical focuses on the ‘human chemistry’ behind their actions in an age-appropriate way and has a positive ending.

Created by Michael Hallett (lyrics) and Claire Batchelor (music), it was commissioned by Global Education MK under the Prevent programme.

The resource pack can be downloaded for free, giving schools free access to the songs, score, notes and additional activities. The pack requires 204Mb disk space. It contains:

  • 13 x MP3 tracks (with vocals)
  • 13 x MP3 tracks (no vocals)
  • Full musical score
  • Script and staging notes
  • Additional activities
  • Promotional poster

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Unlike the resource pack materials, performing When Chemistry goes Bang! is copyrighted.

The cost of a single licence for performing the 13-song, 45-minute musical is £40.00. Additional performances cost £10.00 per performance. Please check the Licence conditions before purchasing.

To buy a licence to perform When Chemistry goes Bang! please complete the form below, then click on the button Buy Licence, which will take you to PayPal. For a multi-performance licence, submit the form below and I will send you an invoice.

© 2010 Michael Hallett and Claire Batchelor. All rights reserved.