Refund Policy

This is the refund policy for Lumian Systems Limited, trading as Michael H Hallett.

My products and services deal with difficult-to-shift embedded psychological patterns like shame, trauma, and addiction. Breaking these longstanding patterns requires the development of specific character traits that, as a whole, our society does not encourage.

The purpose of this refund policy is to encourage discernment, responsibility, and risk assessment.

You are not going to grow as person without learning to discern what is appropriate for you, rather than what has received a 5-star rating from a million people. Without taking responsibility for your feelings and your actions. Or without learning when to take risks and when not.

In the process of developing these traits we inevitably make mistakes. Yet these ‘mistakes’ are often our greatest teachers.

To align with these aims I do not offer any refunds on products or services.

“People do not value what is easily come by… Sacrifice is necessary. If nothing is sacrificed, nothing is obtained.”

— G. I. Gurdjieff


However, there are always exceptions to a rule. There are always situations of genuine distress.

If you believe your situation is exceptional, please contact me and I will consider the request on its specific merits.

Thank you.