We all carry generational trauma that needs healing.

Do you struggle with shame when you weren’t shamed?

Do you struggle with abandonment when you weren’t abandoned?

Does your family have patterns of destructive behaviour that keep reoccurring?

All of these are potential signs of generational trauma—traumas experienced by your parents and grandparents they were unable to process, and subsequently inherited by you.

These traumas are embedded in your unconscious and have been negatively affecting your life since birth. The contents of your unconscious are heavy and stuck. Releasing them brings lightness, wellbeing and joy.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it fate.”

— Carl Jung

Epigenetic inheritance

Generational trauma replicates through a mechanism known as epigenetic inheritance. It’s effectively an inherited form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Epigenetic inheritance has been proven in the laboratory. Mice were given ample food and behaved normally. The food was then reduced to a minimum and the mice became aggressive and anxious.

The food supply was then reinstated. The mice’s aggressive behaviour did not change. A new generation of mice was bred from these aggressive mice. The offspring were given unlimited food from birth, yet retained their parents’ aggressive conditioning.

Healing Generational Trauma

Healing generational trauma is a complex task. It brings you into closer connection with your family—both past and present—as you come to accept that, no matter what happened, everyone did the best they could.

I’ve written about my own experiences in Living with ghosts – confronting generational trauma.

You begin by delving into your family history in a methodical way to identify sources of generational trauma. Using a combination of 1-2-1 coaching and my Generational Trauma Toolkit, I’ll guide you to identify sources of trauma and provide you with tools to accept, release and heal them.

Coaching is currently on a donation basis depending on your income situation. You can donate before or after the session—don’t let money stop you from doing the healing work you need to do. If you’re not currently working but need help, get in touch anyway.

You can pay using PayPal.me. Thank you.
Email me to book an online meeting (via Zoom, generally about 30 minutes). Let me know your time zone.

Your first session comes with two free toolkits—the Generational Trauma Toolkit and Releasing Unconscious Shame.
Generational Trauma Toolkit | Michael H Hallett

A step-by-step process for understanding, identifying and healing generational trauma

Releasing unconscious shame | Michael H Hallett

A step-by-step process for understanding, identifying and releasing unconscious shame


“Michael is a genuinely good-hearted, unconventionally wise soul. His guidance leads to a radically new but overwhelmingly true perspective.”

— JD, Iowa, USA