The New Age Facebook groups of the world are ablaze with reports of ‘Ascension symptoms’ and the bizarre experience known as the Ascension process. I should know, I’ve written a few of them.

Whether you believe these reports largely comes down to personal experience. If you’ve been through the consistent interaction of mental, physical and emotional shifts that form the ‘gearbox’ of Ascension and are consciously aware of it, you’ll probably be a believer. Otherwise, it all sounds—quite understandably—a bit odd (which it is, even to those in the middle of it).


Regardless, it’s worth pausing to consider the term Ascension itself. Wikipedia ascribes multiple meanings to the term, most having connections to the mystical side of religion and spirituality—such as the Ascensions of Enoch (an ancestor of Noah), Jesus and Muhammad (Isra and Mi’raj).

Most of the wiki meanings relate to the belief that a spiritually advanced being levitates—physically and/or spiritually—off the planet. One definition, a sub-bullet on a bullet list, describes Ascension as “In some New Age teachings the spiritual transformation of the Earth.”

Of all the wiki definitions, experience to date suggests that the process that many sensitive individuals are currently undergoing fits the latter description best. It’s also noting that this is the only one that doesn’t involve off-planet levitation or somehow dissolving into the ethers.


In fact, examining the so-called Ascension process in detail rapidly reveals that it would be much more accurate to call it Descension. There is nothing to suggest that the process leads to people vanishing into thin air when they reach a certain level of spirituality. Instead, the opposite appears true. People report being far more grounded in their bodies; indeed, consciously connecting with the body is one way of accelerating the process.

There is nothing to suggest that the process leads to people vanishing into thin air when they reach a certain level of spirituality. Instead, the opposite appears true.

What is spiritual advancement, anyway? That rather fluffy term actually boils down largely to a person’s emotional cohesion, self-worth and self-awareness. The stillness notably ascribed to Zen Buddhists doesn’t stem from otherworldly abilities; it’s just true psychological wellbeing, free from the anxieties that affect so many people we regard them as normal.


The point of all this is to realise that our collective psyche carries an unconscious historical definition of Ascension relating to vibrating off the planet as a means of escaping its hellish conditions. The purpose of Ascension is completely opposite: to raise the level of consciousness of the planet by transforming one individual at a time, creating heaven on earth through emotional maturity, sustainability and a sharing/caring culture. There are signs that this culture is emerging.

If you’re new to Ascension you may be—consciously or unconsciously—clinging to old beliefs about the nature of spiritual transformation and hoping that at you too can eject from Planet Earth. Tighten your seatbelt by all means. Ascension is a rocky ride. But eventually it brings us back here, fully grounded in the physical, ready to play our part in the society emerging from the ruins of patriarchy.

Image: The Ascension church in Targoviste by fusion-of-horizons on Flickr. Upside down.