I’m writing this from somewhere on the scary downward slopes of the Ascension rollercoaster. It’s scary because I can’t see how fast or how far down I’m going. All I know is I’m going down.

Right now, it’s hard to keep in mind that on the other side of this down is an up when I will realise the gains of this plunge into my unconscious. Right now I feel like I’ve been thrown out of the rollercoaster car, thumped onto the ground and run over by a brightly coloured amusement park-themed bus.

Mentally, physically and emotionally, I feel battered. I have nausea, vertigo and arthritis rolled into one. My brain flat out refuses to work. Scariest of all, fear is pouring out of the depths of my psyche—WTF is this going?

In a few days it will settle down. The trips to the bathroom will return to normal. Sleep patterns will settle. My brain may be able to add 2 and 2, though it may not arrive at 4. But somehow, progress will be noticeable. My consciousness will have shifted another notch higher on the vast cosmic scale.

I will notice shifts, some subtle, others not. New doors may open and old ones close. Same for relationships… people may disappear, sometimes disagreeably. Something I have long tolerated may suddenly become intolerable. All of that lies ahead. For now I’m here in the dark—figuratively—hurtling downwards into the unknown.


If this is you, welcome to the Ascension rollercoaster.

There’s not too much to be said about the ‘up’ parts of the ride—the times when we reap the benefits of this rollercoaster ride. These benefits may be internal (improved health, greater emotional freedom, decreased anxiety) or external (ending toxic situations, new opportunities and relationships). Either way, they are the manna from heaven, the elixir of Ascension—the whole point, the goal of the Ascension process. These changes bright light-heartedness and gaiety.

The downhill slopes are another matter. We stumble around in a sleep deprived zombie state, our minds numbed, bodies battered and feelings raw.

The downhill slopes are another matter. We stumble around in a sleep deprived zombie state, our minds numbed, bodies battered and feelings raw. We become hypersensitive to criticism. It’s easy to get dragged into vicious and stupid arguments. Road rage wells inside us at the slightest provocation. Bridges and matches look like a brilliant combination and a devil-may-care feyness can lead us to spur-of-the-moment damaging actions.


At these times, self-care is important. Pay attention to how you feel, your inner dialogue and your physical symptoms. Learn to note how Ascension shows up for you when you’re on a downer. Stay away from social media—once it’s out there, it’s out there. Stay away from toxic people or situations that have a habit of triggering you.

Instead, rest well and drink lots of water. Go for a walk, a run or a swim. Get your emotional tools out—you’re going to need them. (Here’s a handy Ascension toolkit.) Do the inner work. It’s tough, especially at the bottom of a trough. Go easy on yourself and others. Be forgiving. Be compassionate.

Breathe and let go of everything that you have outgrown. Rinse and repeat. The Ascension rollercoaster loops around like the picture at the top of this page—just like DNA. And in no time you’ll be heading up the ‘coaster and reaping the benefits of the ride.

Image: Twisted by Beyond Neon on Flickr. Cropped to 16:9.