Welcome to my Ascension toolkits page.

If you’re wondering what Ascension is—or whether it even exists—you may wish to read my posts, Is Ascension really a thing?, What are 3D and 5D anyway? and 7 Home truths of Ascension. Ascension is a thing, and it’s often not a pretty thing. Those experiencing Ascension need simple emotional tools to manage the unstable but sentient process they find themselves in. Hence this series.

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Ascension Toolkit series

Ascension Toolkit #1: Breathing Ascension toolkit #1: Breathing

In know, this sounds really dumb. But when you get into the roaring forties of Ascension there is very little that will effectively stabilise you – and nothing that will stabilise you as much as deep, conscious breathing.

Ascension Toolkit #2: Intent Ascension toolkit #2: Intent

If breathing is the safety net of the Ascension process, intent is the fuel that carries you forwards. Progress along the path of Ascension is very much like a stock market graph. Little climbs followed by sharp drops and gradual recoveries, with the overall trajectory taking you ever higher.

Ascension Toolkit #3: Neutrality Ascension toolkit #3: Neutrality

Neutrality is the compass that guides your journey. Neutrality, or non-judgment, is achieved through removing the polarized ‘spin’ of good or bad from any event, belief or behavior.

Ascension Toolkit #4: Boundaries Ascension toolkit #4: Boundaries

There are two potential issues with boundaries: us imposing on others and others imposing on us. For most people on the Ascension path the latter is by far the biggest issue.

Ascension Toolkit #5: Permission Ascension toolkit #5: Permission

Most of us are familiar with the word ‘permission’ as it relates to access rights on computers. This also applies energetically. What we feel allowed to do equates with our comfort zone. The further we go outside it, the less permission we have.

Ascension Toolkit #6: Discernment Ascension toolkit #6: Discernment

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to make a choice, and while everyone is telling you to make one decision—usually the safe, sensible one—something inside you is screaming to do the opposite?

Ascension Toolkit #7: Faith Ascension toolkit #7: Faith

I’m not talking about religious faith here. I’m talking about faith in yourself and the faith that you are in the grip of a sentient healing process. That faith requires you to let go of the old to make way for the new. Sometimes it feels like stepping off a cliff.

Ascension Toolkit #8: Courage Ascension toolkit #8: Courage

We live in a world that recognizes and respects courage: the military hero, the policewoman who dies in the line of duty, the fireman who rescues a child from a burning building. On the Ascension path, however, courage takes on new forms.

Ascension Toolkit #9: Surrender Ascension toolkit #9: Surrender

The very word ‘surrender’ has a number of negative connotations: losing a fight, lacking the ability to impose ourselves on a situation, giving in or giving up. This is precisely where the power of surrender lies.

Ascension Toolkit #10: Acceptance Ascension toolkit #10: Acceptance

Ascension teaches us that every issue we perceive outside of ourselves is a reflection of an issue within ourselves. However, there is only one place these issues can truly—i.e. healthily and permanently—be resolved, and that is within.

Ascension Toolkit #11: Self-observation Ascension toolkit #11: Self-observation

You might think that we all do this innately, all of the time. Actually we don’t. Whenever we are acting out from some unconscious trigger, we are completely oblivious of it.

Ascension Toolkit #12: Self-responsibility Ascension toolkit #12: Self-responsibility

Some tools are more powerful than others. Some tools are easier to use than others. It doesn’t come as any real surprise that the most powerful tools are the hardest to use. A case in point: self-responsibility.

Ascension Toolkit #13: Grace Ascension toolkit #13: Grace

Is grace a tool? Yes, because you can consciously wield it just like any of the other tools in this series. Grace doesn’t appear randomly. Grace has no option but to appear when you satisfy its preconditions.

Ascension Toolkit #14: Forgiveness Ascension toolkit #14: Forgiveness

The act of forgiveness changes the past. This may seem like a trite sound-bite but let’s look a little closer. What is the past? It actually has two elements: the stuff that happened and how you feel about it now. Change the latter and everything changes.

Ascension Toolkit #15: Self-love Ascension toolkit #15: Self-love

We live in a society that has long regarded self-love as selfish and narcissistic. There are many people who are simply incapable of self-love. If that’s you, read on.