Principles of wellbeing

  1. Complete wellbeing comprises physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and sexual wellbeing
  2. In each of these 5 areas we develop from immaturity and irresponsibility to maturity and responsibility
  3. Shame stalls the natural emotional and sexual maturation processes
  4. Shame stems from traditional patriarchal pro-masculine, anti-feminine, survival-based programming
  5. Shame manifests in damaging emotional and sexual beliefs and behaviours

Principles of therapy

  1. Our lives are constant feedback loops, always showing us what we need to heal
  2. “Problems cannot be solved at the level at which they were created” — Albert Einstein
  3. The answer is always non-judgment
  4. The theory is simple, the practice is hard
  5. We must deal with issues at their source: we must think our way out of logic issues, feel our way out of emotional issues and fuck our way out of sexual ones

Principles of change

We must be willing to…

  1. Be non-judgmental
  2. Be vulnerable — no meaningful change occurs without it
  3. Step outside our comfort zone — this initiates change…
  4. Release control — …without us knowing the outcome
  5. Be transparent — this legitimises the emotional and sexual aspects of our lives

Photo by Roman Mager on Unsplash