Ascension is a term that has been floating around in the New Age community for some decades. It is gradually migrating into the mainstream as more and more people are drawn into its orbit. If you think it’s small beer, think again. One of the leading writers on the subject, Denise Le Fay, has over a million subscribers.

OK, so if it’s a thing, then what is it?

The first thing to understand about Ascension is that it is experiential. If you’re not actually experiencing it, it doesn’t make much sense. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t make much sense to those who ARE experiencing it either.) Ascension is non-linear and non-intellectual. You can’t think or plan your way through it. You drown until you learn to swim in its emotionally turbulent seas.


People on the Ascension pathway often experience many of these:

  • Loss of significant relationships
  • Loss of significant friendships
  • Loss of jobs or businesses
  • Loss of direction or purpose
  • Loss of vitality
  • Death of significant others
  • Difficulties with money
  • Difficulties with family
  • Difficulties with anxiety (e.g. self-harm)
  • Difficulties with sexuality (e.g. porn addiction)

As well as these life-changing events, there are many physical and emotional side-effects. Google ‘Ascension symptoms’ and see how many boxes you tick. The further into the process, the more you’ll tick.


Many definitions of Ascension are couched in the language of metaphysics, spirituality and astrology. If you don’t speak those languages (or you think they’re just plain batty) they are not much use to you. Don’t worry about the implications of the term Ascension. You’re not going to levitate off the planet anytime soon.

As far as I can determine, Ascension is a natural evolutionary process that is occurring at a planetary level. It appears to be a quantum leap where evolution itself evolves from an unconscious to a conscious process. While this sounds grandiose and abstract, I prefer to think in terms of emotional mechanics. Ascension is a process of compressed conscious evolution:

  • Compressed = accelerated
  • Conscious = it responds to inputs
  • Evolution = you experience significant personal growth

To date, few people have made it through to the other side into what is called the 5D world. Some, like me, have made it to the reconstructive phase of the process. No one has a degree in getting through Ascension.


Ascension is a sentient process that guides you out of the competitive worldview that has dominated the planet for the last 6-8 millennia and rewires you with a shiny new co-operative worldview. It has a specific trajectory, with clear progress markers. You can read more about it in my blog post, Hyperbolic funnel – the shape of Ascension.

The process works by bringing you face to face with every limiting, judgmental belief that is buried in your unconscious. The key word in that sentence is ‘every’. You do not get to pick and choose whether to tackle an issue, or which issues you will tackle and which you will leave under a big stone with the creepy-crawlies. These destructive experiences bring to light the judgmental beliefs hidden in your unconscious. Ascension can also be understood as the process of making the entirety of your unconscious conscious.

Ascension is very much like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. While in its cocoon, the caterpillar melts into a primordial soup with no recognisable DNA.

Ascension is a sobering and humbling process (7 Truths of Ascension). It is not something that can be done half-heartedly or by wanting someone else to do the hard yards. You must choose. You must commit. You must accept self-responsibility for your own personal evolution. Only then will you make progress.

Yes, Ascension is a thing. If you get stuck in it, get in touch.

Image by G Lady on Pixabay. Cropped to 16:9.