One of the most common symptoms of the Ascension process is that existing sources of income dwindle or disappear. The reason doesn’t seem too hard to discern. People who are sensitive enough to be undergoing Ascension (or at least the pointy end of Ascension; the whole planet is experiencing it) are unwilling or unable to stand the high stress, toxic abusiveness and spiritual meaninglessness of conventional workplaces.

In short, we discover that the roles we are either qualified in or experienced in are no longer available to us. Many of us are also drawn to creating new, heart-centric businesses that somehow reflect our Ascension journeys.

Both of these are true, yet they do not quite complete the picture. We are going through a 3-phase process that takes us out of the 3D workplace and recalibrates us for its 5D equivalent. The phases are as follows:

  • De-conditioning (decreasing 3D income)
  • Distracting (no or low 3D/5D income)
  • Transitioning (increasing 5D income)

Let’s look at each of these phases in turn.


This is the phase where our 3D jobs and businesses shrivel up, die, or somehow spit us out into the street—often very unceremoniously.

In the 3D economy, success goes to those who are best adapted to its dog-eat-dog, profit-is-everything paradigm: those who gain the highest qualifications, those who inherit a strong financial base, those who are willing to ruthlessly drag themselves up the financial pyramid and trample anyone in their way.

Such success is achieved through conditioning: by a sufficient lack of empathy that the misery of others, the sustainability of the planet, and even one’s own emotional wellbeing are all sacrificed on the altar of profit. The Ascension journey gradually strips away this conditioning and reveals the underlying dysfunction. We stare at it in horror, aware of our growing need to escape yet lacking the means to do so.

We cling to toxic income streams until the energetic disparity between them and our rising vibration level literally ejects us into a place of little or no income

We cling to toxic income streams until the energetic disparity between them and our rising vibration level literally ejects us into a place of little or no income. Welcome to the next phase.


This phase is confusing, frustrating, humbling but ultimately liberating. Getting out of 3D is one thing; getting into 5D—which requires complete neutrality—is quite another. The distraction phase is a protracted process of stripping away all the deep lying 3D beliefs that have accumulated in our genetic line over the past few millennia.

Virtually anything is preferable to this period of intense internal focus, lack of sociability, and excruciating emotional excavation. In this phase, having access to a decent income is a major hindrance for the simple reason that it allows us to distract ourselves—with travel, shopping, food, alcohol, drugs, etc. Then we get bogged down and stall our Ascension progress.

This quandary is illustrated by the Biblical proverb, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” This isn’t saying that money is evil; only that rich people will choose distraction over evolution every time because the latter is unbearably painful.


When we have survived the distraction phase and stripped away the base layers of 3D programming, we are ready to transition into the 5D economy. This doesn’t happen automatically; there is yet more inner work to do. Typically at this point people know they want to do something purposeful—which is the basis of the 5D economy—but they don’t know what or how. Cue more confusion, frustration and general milling around.

In this phase, we learn to come into right relationship with resources. In 3D, we were conditioned to take voraciously without thought for sustainability or the impact upon others (‘healthy competition’). When this conditioning is stripped away, we discover that we feel guilty for consuming resources—such as the life energy of animals—to survive. Roberto Calasso, a writer and student of classic literature, refers to this as primordial guilt.

To progress through the transitioning phase we must release disempowered notions about energy consumption—i.e. abundance—and, to borrow Jennifer Longmore’s phrase, ‘heal our money story’. We shift from irresponsibility to responsibility, from unsustainability to sustainability, from excess consumption as an emotional anaesthetic to measured consumption as an expression of our higher purpose.

As we do so, confusion lessens and avenues for bringing our Ascension-driven purposes to market open up. Our anxiety around money fades and—at last!—that luscious 5D income starts to flow.

Photo by Freddie Collins on Unsplash.