In recent years the term ‘spiritual warrior’ has gained a lot of currency in New Age and Lightworker circles. The spiritual warrior fights against the dark forces—the Illuminati, the deep state, the mainstream media, the vindictive mother-in-law—using the burning brand of truth to bathe the world in light and love. Or not.

The journey from 3D to 5D (from a polarised/conditional worldview to a unified/unconditional one) is not linear.

Tools and concepts that serve at one stage of the journey may become counter-productive at a later stage. The spiritual warrior concept falls into this category: you can’t fight your way out of 3D.

Why not?

Let’s pick one of the dark forces listed above—the vindictive mother-in-law. She’s never liked you and probably never will. She detests your New Age frippery (her word), feels you’re not good enough to be her child’s spouse and isn’t afraid to let the whole world know it. There’s no question that she is a living Darth Vader negatively affecting your life. The question is, how do you respond?

If your evil mother-in-law imposes on situations that she has no right to impose on, by all means tell her to butt out. It probably won’t take much. Vindictive people have weak emotional centres and one bark from you will send her scurrying for cover. That’s just establishing proper boundaries, which is a central component of Ascension work, particularly in its early stages.

Where the spiritual warrior gets into problems is when they go on the offensive. VMIL is coming to dinner. Perhaps you might deck the house in candles and incense, play some background meditation music or serve a vegan meal. All of these actions may seem superficially healthy, but are they? Check your motivations very closely. Deep down you may be doing these things because you know they will annoy the hell out of her. Our spiritual warrior persona may conceal parts of ourselves that are more interested in spreading darkness and hatred than love and light. The more energy you invest in being a spiritual warrior, the more energy you give to that which you oppose.

Make love, not war

Warrior energy is an ancient 3D energy. A warrior is a “brave or experienced soldier or fighter”. The word is a variant of the Old French guerreior, from guerreier ‘make war’. Note the presence of ‘make’ in the definition. Making war is always an act of imposition. Putting ‘spiritual’ before ‘warrior’ doesn’t change this. What right have you got to zap your mother-in-law with love and light to change her ways? None. Anytime you try to use any kind of force against anyone else to affect their behaviour against their will, you’re using 3D energy. Force—i.e. violence of any kind—is a 3D problem-solving method.

So how does one respond from a 5D perspective? The journey from 3D to 5D brings a slowly growing emotional maturity. You gradually become more aware of the parts of yourself that still harbour polarised beliefs. You also develop compassion for those around you who are struggling. Deep down, your mother-in-law detests you because you are acquiring the emotional cohesion she craves but is too afraid to claim for herself. This realisation allows you to relate to her with a softness that she will find completely disarming. While a spiritual warrior may embark on a journey of self-understanding, the threshold out of 3D is crossed not through fighting but through surrender.

Image: Warrior by Faungg’s Photos on Flickr. Cropped to 16:9.