When we are caught in the middle of a spiritual crisis, feeling incredible emotional pressure yet simultaneously trapped and unable to change, the question arises: what do I do? The answer is to become vulnerable.

There is an old saying that runs, “When one door closes, another one opens.” It’s a folksy way of saying that nature abhors a vacuum. What does nature abhorring a vacuum have to do with spiritual development? Everything. If you want change, generate a vacuum. To generate a vacuum, become vulnerable.

Vulnerability means opening the door to change, painful change. It means recognising the dynamic of ‘breaking down to break through’.

Vulnerability means opening the door to change, painful change. It means recognising the dynamic of ‘breaking down to break through’. By deliberately placing yourself in a vulnerable state you effectively close the door on some outworn aspect of yourself, allowing it to fall away. On an energetic level, this creates a vacuum.

What steps into this vacuum? Something that resonates with the new, improved you. How soon does it manifest? That depends.


Early on in the spiritual process this manifestation of the new you, the new door opening after closing an old one, can take a while. This is because there is a latent period between the old energy falling away and the new energy coagulating into actual physical manifestation.

This latency exists because in spiritual terms we are immature. We don’t know what we’re doing, we don’t take responsibility for what we do, and—above all—we are willing to use our energies to harm others. As a result nature keeps a brake on us. We are creators with training wheels. We cannot become masters of manifestation until we become harmless.

The more we learn to take responsibility for our energy and our emotions, the quicker we manifest. The faster nature will fill the vacuum.


That’s all very well. It doesn’t change the fact that vulnerability is painful and scary. You’re deliberately opening yourself up to feel buried, unprocessed pain. That requires faith and courage—the faith to believe that something better will manifest and the courage to go through the break down/break through process to manifest that improvement.

So take a deep breath and go for it. Run, some deep, conscious breathing to connect to the infinite flow of the cosmos. Then pay attention. You may notice that you have a slight but constant tension as you keep your emotions in check. That’s what 3D patriarchal societies condition us to do. We’re supposed to keep our emotions in check. None of that awkward and messy stuff, thank you.

So relax. Allow whatever wants to come up to come up. Your energetic body is a failsafe system. It wants to release and refresh. Let it guide you. Let the pain and the tears come. But just because you’re vulnerable doesn’t mean that you’re out of control. Imagine the pain is coming out of a tap. You can turn it down—or even turn it off—at any time. Keep it right on the limit of what you can manage.

The more vulnerable you become the more pain you can process and the greater the vacuum you create. Into that vacuum will step something new and shiny and beautiful. It’s all very mechanical once you understand how. The Ascension path makes us all masters of our own emotions.

Image: Vulnerability by Emily Mucha on Flickr. Cropped to 16:9.