December 2012… Wave X in 2016… the 2017 September solstice. Energetic milestones have come and gone and still there has been no toppling of the Cabal, no sweeping illumination of the globe, no instantaneous shift into a Golden Age, no rapture.

No doubt another all-or-nothing date will be announced soon on the basis of some major solar eruption or rare astrological alignment. Will this be the one? What you experience will depend on your level of engagement. Ascension is an active, not a passive, process.

Ascension doesn’t happen to you. It happens with you. Wait for it to sweep you into some 5th Dimension Shangri-la and you’ll be waiting a while. You’ll experience repeated disappointments as supposedly epic events fizzle out amid mocking cries from spiritually immature members of the mainstream. You wonder, “Maybe they’re right after all. Maybe this whole Ascension thing doesn’t even exist.”


It does—if you engage with it. Ascension gives you homework. Every day. Removing toxic influences from your life, no matter how close to you. Learning to value yourself and others. Refusing to participate in disempowering situations. Standing up to bullying. Adjusting to changes of behaviour and diet. Detoxing. When you listen to the subtle—and not so subtle—prods of the Ascension process then milestones like Wave X or the recent solstice deliver significant personal advancement.

Ascension is like climbing a mountain. You have to take a lot of steps up through the foothills before you even start mountain-climbing.

Personal—that’s the key. Ascension happens one step at a time, to one individual at a time. Sweeping changes will occur when enough participants have taken enough steps when the long-term outcome couldn’t be seen. It’s like climbing a mountain, like the one in this beautiful picture of Mt Gran Paradiso in northwest Italy. You have to take a lot of steps up through the foothills before you even start mountain-climbing. Down there, among the trees, you can’t even see the snow-clad summit. You take it on faith that it’s up there and take your next step.

Icy slopes

For some, active participation wavers when they hit core wounds and survival fears. This is where the trees thin out and we enter the icy upper slopes of Mt Ascension. Our ego sweeps in like a fog and blinds us to our own negative behaviours. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could teleport from here to the summit with its glorious view?

No. The process of Ascension teaches spiritual maturity. Skip the hardest lessons and what have you learned? It’s the difference between getting a degree and buying one online. Both people have a certificate, but only one of them has learned anything.

Ascension is a course in study. You have to want the lessons in spiritual maturity that it bestows. You must be willing to pay the steep tuition fees it demands. If you do, you’ll find that your world changes for the better even if others are still mired in chaos. So celebrate your own milestones. Relax and take a breather before carrying on. How’s the view from where you are?

Image: Climbing Gran Paradiso by Matt Kowalczyk on Flickr. Cropped to 16:9.