All change starts with questions. To see significant change in our lives, we must start by asking significant questions about how we, our families and our society came to be the way they are. Here are some questions that I asked:

  • Why is the world full of emotional and physical conflict?
  • Why do we face an epidemic of stress, anxiety and self-harm?
  • Why is sexual expression such an inordinately challenging issue?

I’m applying my 30 years of business process analysis experience to answering these questions and unraveling the painful but very human processes that underlie them. This means looking at issues from new angles, asking new questions and challenging old assumptions. As Ryan Adams sings in A Kiss before I Go, “You can’t see tomorrow with yesterday’s eyes.”

“You can’t see tomorrow with yesterday’s eyes” Ryan Adams

All my posts are, in one way or another, about wellbeing and its flip side, emotional dysfunction. They are often about sexual dysfunction which is a critical component of the former. My posts range from workplace wellbeing through the emotionally repressive history of patriarchy to the transformational process known in spiritual and New Age circles as Ascension which growing numbers of people are experiencing. My aim is to disassemble complex emotional reactions into mechanical processes.

In addition to this site, I also post on guest sites such as In5D. My Ascension toolkit series has been re-posted on a bunch of sites including Love Has Won, Higher Density Blog, and others. I post a couple of times a week.

“Mike is obviously a deep thinker and this, combined with his rollicking writing style, makes for an easy and entertaining read without losing the wonderful depth of meaning he offers us.”

— Joan Morgan McCarthy, author of ‘Peace and Harmony: Re-envisioning Sexuality Education’


I’ve always been interested in processes. As a child, I was less interested in playing games than in inventing them. As a teen interested in aircraft, I devised wargaming rules for use with model aircraft. Later I developed a game where the players built up airline fleets and route networks. Winning a game didn’t concern me; knowing how it worked did.

After a brief career in banking, when at 19 I became the youngest loans officer in New Zealand for the ANZ Bank, I moved into the IT world in the 1980s. I worked as a process analyst and software developer for major industrial and governmental clients in New Zealand, Asia, North America, and Britain.

While my business career flourished, my personal life didn’t. As a result I began — unconsciously at first — to apply my analytical skills to my own emotional processes. This led to personal development breakthroughs and the realisation that most of the world was struggling through a fog of emotional dysfunction so widespread it was seen as normal.

This led me to the education world, where I became the Chair of Governors of my son’s primary school. In 2010 I was commissioned by the Thames Valley Police to create a primary school musical on the emotional roots of extreme behaviour. When Chemistry goes Bang! has been staged at several schools in Milton Keynes. I was part of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children’s ChildLine Schools Service, educating primary school children to recognise all forms of abuse. I also have an NCFE-certified Advanced (Level 4) Diploma in Life Coaching from Stonebridge College.

In 2012 I co-founded CandleSpark with psychotherapist Ilse Leenders. This is a training and support organisation around issues relating to shame. It provides peer support for people who self-harm as well as providing training on handling self-harm to agencies including the Milton Keynes Police Community Support Officers.

In 2016 CandleSpark partnered with the Milton Keynes Council to run a high school programme for girls with anxiety issues. I also created Stepping Stones: building school capacity to resist radicalisation. Developed with the council, this workshop has been delivered to local primary schools with support from the Thames Valley Police and Safer MK.


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